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Rock Village Website banner picture, a rocky area with cairns

Welcome to our website!   Here we share pictures and 'trip reports'. Below is a list of the pages included, in reverse chronological order. Also, in the header at the top of the page, listed under the years, is access to all of those same pages. You can access that from all the pages in the site (but here you can see everything laid out for you).

April 2021 updates

  • We are blazing away with Preserve updates, going alphabetically by town: Preserves main page
  • You will find more in Bourne, Cataumet, Dartmouth, Marion, and Mattapoisett.

Previous recent updates

  • Continued chronicling of the area preserves, with Gooseberry Island
  • First 2021 page: Winter Snowfall
  • Added another pasta album to the 2020 pasta page. 2020 Pasta Making
  • November/December 2020: Another preserve; another 2020 pasta album; 2020 Thanksgiving pictures
  • September 2020: Added trip to 2020 backpacking page; added another preserve.
  • August 2020: Website format updated to be mobile-friendly. Added 2009 trip report for our first official photography vacation. First Nature Preserves page added.

Listing of the pages on this site

Updated April 2021