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Visit to Maine, and Easter 2014

Before we get to pictures from Easter, here are a few from Anne's visit to see Mom & "Step-Dad" Gerry earlier in the year. 

We went over to CMMC to see some pictures and paintings that they have up on the wall.  On the walk over, we also saw this cute display of old hearing aids ... we've come a long way!

A nice picture of Gerry and Mom at Pedro O'Hara's, where we had supper my first night there.

The following morning, we went to Uncle Moe's for breakfast.  Normally I get blueberry crepes when we go there, but I was wild this particular day and got eggs instead.

During the day we did various things (including making little nose warmers, which I won't put a picture of up).  For supper, we had a bit of a wait for a table, so we sat at the bar briefly before being seated.  Here is Mom, threatening to drink one of our beers.

Moving on to our Easter gathering, here are some pictures from that occasion.  We managed to have the gathering the day before Easter, and actually on Mom's birthday!  This first picture is the celebratory cake.  I love how the eggs fold over the edge.

Matt & Ann had put together a basket hunt, and then we also hid a few eggs around.  One of the strategically placed eggs (sorry for the slightly blurry photo):

You can see that Keagan and Nicki got busy with all of those eggs.

Our host Ann, in a great Spring colored jacket, and Paul.

Here is Mom showing off her fancy bracelets, which had been given to her by Jenn, and Corinne modeling the blouse that Jenn had also given to Mom. 

Speaking of modeling, a popular item to be photographed were the bunny ears. 

Since we had the gathering on Mom's birthday, we requested that she blow out the candle.

And as is often the case at these gatherings, there was some card playing. 

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