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Around The House, First half of 2008

I'm a little late in getting these pictures up, but I want to share them anyway. Some of these are us testing out the camera, and others are more informational. :)

Some winter pictures:

Paul gave me a macro lens for the camera as my birthday present. He also gave it to me early, so I could take advantage of early flowers for practice. It can also take full size pictures.

Notice the 'depth of field' in these pictures; what flowers are in focus vs out of focus. (You really need to look at the full size ones for this.)

Some of our bees:

Scout is retired now; we no longer ride him. But we still take him out for grass in the yard. In these pictures I am wearing one of my linen outfits for a warm day. (The shirt is a hand-me-down from Kelly.)

Big news around out house was the new toilet. It is a dual flush low-flow model. I reviewed test results from a company in California and Canada, and used that to narrow down the selection. It works like a charm! The lid has a slow-close feature. We start it along it's way, and it closes itself. (The last picture shows the flush buttons.)

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