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Step-Dad's Funeral Service

Our "Step-Dad" Gerry died the 16th of September, 2014.  It was fairly sudden; he had lived a long and healthy life.  Gerry and Anne had planned on having a 90th and 50th birthday cake next Spring.  Although that won't happen, we do have 28 years of memories with him.

Link: to Obituary

We made a slide-show of photographs that was played before and after the service.  A video of the slide show is available here; please note that the quality of this is not particularly good. 

Before the service, here is a picture that Corinne took at Sebago of Frank and Diane.

At Campus Cuisine (the dining establishment in Maison Marcotte) prior to the service:  Keagan, Corinne, Nicki, Jeremy, Anne, Paul, Ted, Craig, Sue (Mom)

Most of the family was able to make it to the service.  Below are some of the flowers, so that those not there or too overwhelmed at the time can appreciate them.  Here are the flower arrangements, starting with the overall scene at the South Lewiston Baptist Church.  Then I will show the flowers close-up from left to right (including some pictures from the next day). 

The Monet painting, "Garden at Sainte-Adresse", was in Gerry's apartment.  He told us this summer "This painting has everything!"

This wreath had the urn displayed in the middle. 

In the Maison Marcotte chapel, along with the urn wreath; Mom said people commented the flowers inspired them to prayer. 

At the end of the ceremony was military honors.  The flag was given to Sue.  Corinne took a stealth picture afterwards.

Richard and Dan, Gerry's sons, prior to the service.

And with their wives, Corliss and Cecile:

We were happy to meet them, finally.  They are very sweet people. 

A Laurendeau family shot after the reception. 

We were told that the coffee at the reception was particularly good, destroying any stereotype on 'church basement coffee'. 

We will leave you with the display Mom has in her apartment.

Good-bye, Step-Dad. 

Updated July 2020