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Maine Gatherings (2022)

Here are links to some of the albums (that we have already shared) of pictures from gatherings in Maine (in reverse order). Click on the photograph below to access the photo album.

November part 2: Thanksgiving gathering

Link to 2nd November visit album

November: Anne went up and had a quick visit with her mother. In includes a birthday greeting to Clifton.

Link to 1st November visit album

August: This visit included a trip to Winslow Memorial Park in Freeport (the first part of the linked album) as well as a birthday gathering for Jenn.

Link to August visit album

July: Another gathering, this time outdoors.

Link to July visit album

March: A gathering that coincided with Corinne's birthday.

Link to March visit album

January: Here are some pictures from when Anne went up to Maine.

Link to January visit album

Updated January 2023