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A Visit to Maine

10 years. How time does fly. This year is our 10th wedding anniversary. With Paul's arthroscopic knee operation, we did not get our usual camping vacation. So instead we did an October get-away in celebration of our anniversary, and took a short vacation up to Maine. One key attraction for us is probably not going to make many other people's lists of 'must see attractions', but one must-see for us was the new boiler at Nichols Street. Paul spent a lot of effort learning about the boiler and related items, and explaining it to Anne over supper. So we were very excited to see the boiler in person! No, really, we were.

As a bonus, Jenn was also in maine for the first part of our visit. Unfortunately, for some reason, we did not take any pictures of Jenn! We did, however, take some pictures of Beau-Beau. (Jenn snuck in incidentally.) Here are a couple pictures.

After being in Lewiston, we spent a day around Sebago. Diane & Frank's place there is always lovely, but the fall foliage gives some really nice views. It is difficult to select just a few pictures, but here are some.

Check out these great (racoon?) footprints in the mud.

Here is Paul, while we were taking advantage of the low water level and taking pictures from the lake:

Some mushrooms. They were surprisingly ephemeral; these were gone the next day.

For more pictures of Camp K, click here to see a PDF file. This is a large file.

During the day we drove around a bit. Naples has a 'causeway' area that they have spruced up, and it is really very nice. There is a pleasant walkway on each side and under the bridge. It also has a little kitsch corner. Where else can you see a Mississippi-style river boat, Modern Art posters around an outside eating area, and a sign with 3-D frenchfries?

We drove up the short a bit and saw a pontoon plane. Back in the down-town area, during the season, you can take site seeing pontoon plane rides.

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