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Christmas 2013

The sun is shining, the daffodils are blooming, the trees are budding ...  what does this have to do with Christmas? Well, I didn't actually put up the pictures from Christmas, and it is now Spring. So I thought it high time to get some Christmas pictures up.

First, some pictures of our holiday decorations at home.  A close-up of our tree.

And of our table place-setting.  I made it a bit more stream-lined this year.  Nice, but next year the table will likely have a few more items on it!

A fancy Santa. 

Anne (that would be me) has wanted to display the cards we receive in a better way.  Normally we would put them on the table for a bit, then in a pile to be dug through periodically.  But I had an idea... I could hang them around the wall clock!  It is right next to the table, so the cards will be easy to see.  We considered a few options, but tinsel seemed like the best route.  (The tinsel goes down to the ground.)

One final picture from home, but not really of decorations.  As you can see, my wrapping can be a production.

We didn't take a lot of pictures in Connecticut when we were there, but here is one of Mom's decorations, plus me in front of the tree with a Christmas t-shirt on.

The next picture might not be for the squeamish.  Paul stepped outside, and spotted a hawk on the lawn next door, with its dinner: a freshly caught squirrel.  Of course, there was NOTHING else moving in the yard.  The white squirrel that hangs out there sometimes was making itself particularly scarce.

Next we move to our Maine gathering.  First a picture of sibling love.

But all was well.

The tree.

The cake.

Anne and Mom, then Anne and Gerry.

Jeremy was working hard!  He was working on the household network connection for Matt & Ann.

Emily opening a gift.

Mom looks very relaxed here.

And finally, a group shot.

But we aren't done with our Christmas report yet... move on to .


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