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Around Rock Village, 2021 Part 1

The first page we posted for 2021 was Winter Snowfall, which is true to its name and has photos of snow that fell early in 2021. We would like to share some other pictures that we took in the area. We will start with some other winter pictures, of frost on the cranberry bog where we like to walk.

Cranberry bog with frost

A close-up view of cranberry plants with frost. The red tone of the plants shows through.

A view of a cranberry bog section with frost on the plants

For the first four months of the year, we wore face masks on the walk to and back from the bog.

Paul wearing a face mask at the start of a walk

After that, the face mask requirement in Massachusetts was lifted. Since we rarely meet anyone, now we just bring a mask with us in case of a chance encounter. Even during the winter we were able to take off the face masks while at the bog, although sometimes they provided useful warmth. Here are some wintery scenes down to and at the bog.

Evergreens with snow on them.

Access road to the cranberry bog

Paul at the cranberry bog.

Snow with odd markings on it.

What, you might ask, are the markings in the snow in the above picture? We certainly asked ourselves that. After a bit of pondering, we realized that those are the mark of a bird taking off in the snow. The long, thin, light marks are the tips of the wings. Most likely these were made from Canada Geese, based on the size and the fact that we saw them in the area in that same time frame.

Marks from a bird taking off in snow.

Marks from a bird taking off in snow.

After the snow melted we again saw some geese, and a lot of them. They did not cooperate so we were only able to get a portion of them into a picture.

Canada Geese on a cranberry bog.

After winter comes spring, and lovely spring flowers and plants bursting from the ground. This first is a daffodil:

A daffodil.

These are banberry plants:

Baneberry plants sprouting in springtime

A Hellebore that I moved from our former shade garden into a wooded area of our lawn:

Hellebore flower

These next two pictures are blossoms on our young plum tree:

Plum tree blossoms

Plum tree blossoms

The White Trillium in full bloom:

White Trillium

This picture of our front oval garden is from the end of April.

The oval garden

Less than two weeks later the garden had progressed even more. We put together an album showing some garden pictures, as well as Paul planting some rhubarb plants, in this Google album.

Paul and rhubarb plants

More pictures can be found on the 'Part 2' page.

Updated July 2021