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Rock Village Website banner picture, a rocky area with cairns

Rock Village (around home)

July 2014:

We haven't posted any pictures from around the house recently, and I have a specific request for some.  So here are some pictures of the Snaps on our deck.  This is one of two containers with them; the other looks just about identical.  Next to the flowers is a hot pepper plant.


Our shade garden is doing well.  Here is a picture from earlier this year (May 12th).

And here is a picture from July 11, 2014. 

The large flowering plant on the left of the picture was supposed to be a Doll's Eye, but was mislabeled.  It is actually an Actaea racemosa.  It's a great plant, except it is a bit too tall for where it is.  No matter, since it is spreading soon enough I will have some closer to the tree as well.  And I might transplant one to the other side of the tree to balance out the garden a bit.

Updated July 2020