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Around Home 2013

May 2013: Kentucky Derby

We try to watch the Kentucky Derby every year.  I've never had a hat to wear, but of course you should wear a hat while watching the Kentucky Derby.  Rather than a hat, I decided to get a fascinator.  (I found a cute inexpensive fascinator, which was the deciding factor.)  So I finally watched the Derby in style.

We had polenta for dinner that night, in honor of Kentucky Grits. 

Here are some pictures of me with the fascinator; 2 pictures taken inside and 2 outside. 

Anne with fascinator

Anne with fascinator

Anne with fascinator

Anne with fascinator

April 2013 part 2:

Another picture, from taken just before going to our last Boston Symphony Orchestra performance this season.

Anne and Paul

April 2013:

Although the latter part of this winter was pretty severe, Spring has had some very nice days.  It is always nice when the early flowers start coming up.  (Okay, this picture was actually taken the last day of March, but close enough to call it April!)

purple crocuses

flowers at home

Helleborus Foetidus

We cleaned out all the leaves from the garden, and planted the early crops.  These include peas, lettuce, spinach, kale, radish, and potatoes.

Paul getting leaves out of garden

Paul turning over dirt

potato rows being planted

potato planting

planting radish

Another Spring project was moving the wood pile out from under the deck, and putting it up on palettes to keep it a bit dryer. 

wood pile

And finally, here is a picture that Paul took of one of our houseplants.  I love it!


March 2013:

We went to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra, as part of our 6-performance subscription series, on March 16th ... the day before St Patrick's Day.  So of course we had to wear green.  Knowing that at least our Moms would like to see a picture, here are a couple.  Anne even went wild and put on green eye shadow (which she generally disapproves of as distracting).  Paul's tie is from our wedding, and is of the same fabric that my wedding dress skirt was made from. 

Paul and Anne

Anne and Paul

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