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Diotalevi Day 2018

Diotalevi Day sign

We had a lovely gathering of the Diotalevi families.  Laura & Emil hosted us all.  Most of the pictures here are candids, with a few group photographs towards the end (see page 2).  Please note, these are reduced quality pictures.  The full quality ones can be found in a zipped file over on our other site. 

We were fortunate to have lovely weather.  The humidity had broken, and the rain held off.  Our lovely hostess was busy all day. 

Laura reviewing the set-up

Matt, Matt, and Fallyn (with Pat and Tommy in the background).

Matt, Matt, Fallyn

Not sure what was funny, but Justin (back to us) probably said something funny.  Ron, Laura, and Jeff think so anyway.

Ron, Laura, and Jeff laughing

Matt and Paul (who has the camera out, obviously).

Matt and Paul

Yes, Jeff is taller than his father. 

Justin, Ron, Jeff

Matt and Tiff.  Matt was probably looking at their adorable dog Rex.

Matt and Tiffany

And here are some shots of Rex:

Rex relaxing

Rex standing

Rex sitting

He was a big hit with everyone, but particularly our youngest members, Emily and Lila.  Here is Emily with Rex.

Emily and Rex

Bobby, his girlfriend Denise, and Aunt Jean enjoy some lunch under the tent.

Bobby Denise Jean

A couple more people join the group (Donna and Ron). 

Bobby Denise Jean Donna Ron

Emily takes after her father, a bit of a ham when it comes to pictures.

Emily backlit


Emily backlit

Lila is looking a bit serious here.

Lila backlit

Mom (that would be Aunt Nancy to some of you) taking a quick breather. 

Mom sitting at a table

It didn't last very long, before the conversations started up again.  Bobby, as usual, told stories and spun tales.

Mom Bobby Denise

Aunt Jean decided to join in.

Mom Bobby Denise Jean

Jason, his girlfriend Brittany, and Dave have a chat over some fried chicken.

Jason Brittany David

More admiration of Rex, this time from Matt (although he is a bit biased), Pat, and Heather.

Matt Pat Heather and Rex the dog

Something was funny. 

Matt M and Fallyn

Bean Bag Toss was popular.  Here Matt M & Jeff are trying their hands at it ...

Matt and Jeff playing beanbag toss

against Justin and Matt H.

Justin and Matt

Jason and his Uncle Dave.

Jason and Dave

This is plenty for the 1st page, so .


Updated July 2020