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Maine in the Spring

We had our Spring gathering in Maine on April 11th. Mom brought a vegan cake from Ahimsa Custom Cakes. We got a spice cake, and it was delicious! Dense and moist. The frosting was rather sweet, but I'm not a big frosting fan. Notice the cool lattice look frosting.

Check out the portfolio page on the Ahimsa website: she has some of our cakes on there!

We arrived just shortly before Mom arrived. Unfortunately, Gerry stayed home ill. We missed him.

Jimmy and I admired their cats.

The Buddha at Matt's house was all decked out for the get-together.

And the house had it's Easter decorations on.

Some desert was, as usual, eaten before the meal. Although I suppose we can call them appetizers. Grandmaman decided to hassle her grandson!

Matt, Emily, & Jimmy had strategically hid eggs for the hunt.

There were some intense discussions at the table centering on computer accessories. Notice remnants of the sparkling cider in the glasses on the table. Or it might have been wine.

The day was nice enough to allow some outdoor activities. First a picture of my car. It is still new enough that I have to show it off.

In addition to the 'simply' inside egg hunt, our hosts arranged a more complicated step by step hunt that required clues. This brought Nicki and Keagan all around the yard. A couple were rather difficult to find!

Mom included some Easter treats for Scout!

We also made a discovery: bubbles are a fantastic cat toy.

Updated July 2020