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Boothbay Harbor 2019

Given that it is already 2020, our 2019 Boothbay Harbor trip won't get the proper attention it deserves.  (Sorry, forgot to do the trip report!)  But we do want to share some pictures from our now traditional Springtime vacation to Boothbay Harbor.

Topside Inn had some new artwork in the yard.  There is a large abstract statue, reaching up to the sky. 

Statue on lawn at night

And one for the birdwatchers

Birdwatcher statue


The botanical garden is a must-see location for us.  They are moving along with their expansion.  For our editorial comment, we will say that the parking lot is a huge disappointment.  They could have either made it more garden-like, as a preview of what will be seen, or made it impact less land by building a garage.  They have done neither of these things.  They do at least have small strips of land between paved rows.  We did not take any pictures of the parking lot.  Once you get into the garden, however, there are some nice spots to rest and contemplate.

Chairs in the botanical garden

This building is the visitor center & restaurant, with the 'seven founders' trees (there are 7 of those tall arborvitae-type trees).

Maine Botanical Garden

Here are some pictures of the flowers or sculptures, some more and some less abstract.


Hellebore flore



A slightly artistic rendering of one photo of a bee:

Bee and flower

Paul at the Botanical Gardens


Moving sculpture at the Botanical Garden

Little blue flowers

On this particular stay in the Boothbay Harbor area, we did not have many photogenic sunsets.  We did have one, though.  It started with pink and blue ...


went to pink and yellow ...


to orange ...


and finally to red. Note the boat in this next picture.


An extra sunset photo:





Updated July 2020