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Around Home, 2nd half 2008

Some miscellaneous pictures to share with you.

During the summer, some wild turkeys visited our yard. I don't have a very good picture of them, since I didn't want to scare them off. This is through the window screen.

A few pictures we took in Plymouth, MA and at Myles Standish State Forest while playing with our cameras.

This boat was tied up to the Mayflower 2.

This is our 5-year wedding anniversary. In commemoration, I gave Paul a stone plack, etched with a picture from our wedding. This picture was taken the same night I made a halloween-style dessert.

And we had our 2nd symphony performance of the season this past weekend (November 15th). It was a very warm night for the time of year. If we look tired in this picture, it is because it was taken after we got back, well past our usual bedtime.

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