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Boothbay Harbor 2018

We returned to Boothbay Harbor for a Spring vacation, staying again at Topside Inn.  Being in the beginning of May, it was too early to take advantage of their deck chairs' view.

Rocking chairs on deck in the evening


Technically this exact view below is from an upper floor window, actually.  If you click on the panorama picture, it will bring up a slightly larger version (although still reduced from the original).

Panorama of Boothbay Harbor at sunset


Over in Southport is more evidence that we are a bit early in the season.  Love these door handles:

Doors with lobster handles and closed for season sign

That restaurant was due to open the following week. 


Back in Boothbay Harbor, there were a couple cute touristy items downtown.  One was this bulleting board display:

Board with a compass and a drawing of a fish

Another were these cute "lobster trap" chairs.  There were a line-up of a few of them.  The chairs seemed pretty comfortable.

chair made in the style of a wire lobster trap

Topside is a Bed & Breakfast.  I'll put up just a couple pictures from the breakfasts.  First, some yogurt with granola and home-made blueberry jam and homemade strawberry jam.  The strawberry jam was amazing.

Bowl of granola with jams over yogurt

And this next dish was grits with creole sauce & an egg.

grits with creole sauce & an eg

In our travels this year, we went to South Bristol.  We happened to talk to Anne's nephew Jimmy while we were on the bridge, which we commented that we liked.  Jimmy told us that the State had proposed a much larger design, but the town hired their own team and gave a new proposal.  This was interesting stuff!  (Right now, this site which has the 2 proposals is still available.)  Another thing that impressed us were the massive 80' telephone poles. 

South Bristol bridge viewed from the road

Anne looking small next to the huge pole

Detail of drawbridge parts

Gotta love a small town.  This establishment is a deli, pizza shop, grocery store, restaurant, and gas station. 

Small store with gas pump in front

A little story for you:  We were walking at one of the preserves in the area, and we heard a knock-knock-knocking.  It was kind of like a woodpecker hitting a tree, but it sounded so close to us.  Right next to us was a tall (over our head) tree stump, and the sound was coming from INSIDE the stump.  Then this little chickadee flew out of the stump.  It must have been breaking open a seed.

Chickadee on branch

For this year's handyman special, we show you a lovely seaside location, with excellent airflow.  It really was a great location, in Westport. 

House with walls missing

Anne adores these pictures that Paul took of Canada Geese.

Geese walking across sand to water

Geese walking away

On the way up, we went by Popham.  Some people were willing to visit the beach.

Man walking on Popham Beach

Paul taking a picture

Paul taking a picture on rocks

Anne taking a picture

Anne crouched taking a picture

Both of us having breakfast

Breakfast at the inn

This page went here, there, & everywhere.  We will end this page with a quick breather ...

B&W photo of sunrise

before moving on to a more targeted but equally busy page, .



Updated July 2020