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Harvest and Halloween 2021

Our peach tree gave us a bumper crop this year! An Italian friend of Paul's Aunt Tina gave us the tree as a sapling, and it is now old enough to produce peaches. We did have to pick them a bit on the early side to avoid donating them to the local squirrel population.

Peach tree

A peach on the tree

Basket of peaches

The peaches were sufficient for a few small batches of jam. The varieties include straight peach, blueberry plus peach, and cranberry plus peach.

Jams from our peaches

Speaking of jams, our Kousa Dogwood trees provided berries again this year for more jams. The Kousa trees don't produce every year, but this was one of the years that they did. The berries are frozen and jam making will be a cooler weather project. We can understand why Kousa jam is not made very often; processing the berries is a multi-step process because they have a lot of tiny inedible seeds.

Kousa Dogwood Berries

The Italian Long Beans (thank you, Lisa, for the seeds!) gave us some great meals. We had never imagined green beans with marinara sauce & pasta, but this type of bean is great in that dish.

Paul serving the pasta with green beans

Italian long beans in sauce

(There is actually some pasta hiding under all of those beans.)

This isn't a harvest item, but the Dolls Eye plant that is in the oval garden produced berries this year. Note the little black 'pupils' in the middle of the 'eyes'.

Baneberry flower

We don't go wild with Halloween decorations but we do like to put a few out.

table with Halloween decorations

trick-or-tread halloween decoration

Nightmare before Christmas photo holder

Updated November 2021