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Around ... in 2017

July update:

Here are links to some videos of the wild hummingbirds at our house.  Click on the photos below to see the videos:

link to video of hummingbirds taken July 7 2017

link to video of hummingbirds taken July 7 2017

From winter:


We tell you about our walks around the cranberry bog.  This is a picture of how pretty the bog is with snow on it.

Proof that we were there, and that our camera didn't go down by itself:

With Spring, the wildlife activity picked up ... including this cute little turtle.  I think it got a little annoyed with us staring at it.

And look at this tiny little fellow:


That was a day where we saw a helicopter at the bog.

We on rare occasions walk elsewhere.  In one of those spots, we saw a BIG TREE. 

Pratt Farm was very pretty in Autumn. 

Loved this stone someone put on a bench:

Updated July 2020