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Jimmy's Graduation Party

Anne's nephew Jimmy has just graduated High School. Here are some pictures from the brunch that they had on the day of the graduation. I can't say that I got any particularly great pictures, but at least I have some!

The house was properly festive (Emily is the sign maker extraordinary, we were told).

Ann, doing some last minute preparations, and Paul.

Barley. Beautiful cat. Have to include a picture of him.

Paul, Kelly, and Emily.

Jimmy and Matt

Kelly had made some picture books, which she had Jimmy open immediately so that we could see them. It was fun seeing the pictures of Jimmy over the years.

These next two pictures show some of the food that was put out. Two grandmothers, Pat and Audrey, are in the 1st picture. Emily, Pat, and Owen (Tim & Kate's younger son) are in the second.

Matt gave a toast (with sparkling cider) to the graduate. In the picture are Dare's father Ted, Dare, Audrey's neice's husband, Matt, Audrey's neice, Audrey, Jimmy, a little of Kelly, and the back of Jim (Kelly's Dad).

It was a lovely day, and we were able to spend some time outside.

The man of the hour!

And with his tie on.

Here is Jimmy, Janson (Tim & Kate's older boy - 14, I believe, despite being as tall as Matt), and Matt. Janson really isn't taller than Matt; he had shoes on & Matt was barefoot.

Jimmy and Dare

Although we didn't talk much to Emily about her recent trip to Japan, I did notice this nice souviner.

And finally, me with my new bangless hairdo (bangs still in the process of being grown out, though).

Updated July 2020