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Christmas 2012

Here are some pictures from Christmas 2012. First some pics around the house. There are a couple pictures of the kitchen, then the dining table. We do the table slightly differently every year. And you can see some of our living room.

Here are some close-up studies of some of the decorations.

Here are some pictures from our time spent in Connecticut: This first picture is of the neighbor's tree. We had gotten a light snow fall on Christmas morning, so the decorations on their outdoor tree really stood out.

And some other decorations in Mom's yard:

Christmas day at Laura & Emil's:

And some pictures from Maine. First the dessert table, including the candy bouquet and the cake from Ahima's:

The table setting, and with us at it for the meal:

Gift (actually, stocking stuffer) opening:

Matt and Emily:

Corinne & Mom modelling, and Nicki in the next picture:

The snow started mid-afternoon. I had gone up without Paul, and stayed the night. Paul stayed back home to take care of Scout. Matt, Ann, Emily, Matt, & I played a little Trivial Pursuit.

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