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Pictures from Maine (Christmas 2016)

We are often very bad about taking pictures, despite liking to take pictures.  But we did get a few pictures taken while in Maine over the Christmas break. 

19" of snow, which Jenn, Paul, & Anne shoveled.  Here it is piled on top of the bird feeder, at least what didn't slide off of the dome:

And some perched on the bird house:

Paul starting the shoveling job:


Action shot:






The sky really was this brilliant blue; unfortunately it didn't show up properly in most of the pictures. 



After the efforts, Paul and Jenn provide some scale to the snow piles:


We were able to get over to the cemetery, and took some pictures of Grandmama & Grandpapa's gravestone & wreath.  It looks very season-appropriate with the snow. 

This is an attempt to show the amount of snow, but it doesn't completely capture it.


On Saturday, we had Kristi's cake, which was way better in person than this picture conveys.  It was totally adorable.  (Tasted good, also.) 

Keagan & Nicki:

Mom & Corinne:



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