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Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving in the Coronovirus Pandemic of 2020 is certainly a bit different. Thanksgiving day itself was not different for us, since we stay home that day anyway. The 'bookend' weekends were, however, a bit different, since we stayed home on those days as well. Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving.

First, our meal. This is our traditional meal, and it is HUGE. For lunch (no picture), we have Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup. Then for an early dinner we have our big meal: Lentil loaf, mashed potatoes, vegetarian gravy, squash, stuffing, peas & corn, sauteed mushrooms, cranberry sauce, and pop-overs. Then later in the evening we had a slice of pumpkin pie.

Paul and Anne at the Thanksgiving table

The thanksgiving meal

Closeup of our Thanksgiving plate

The day after Thanksgiving (that would be Friday) we took our typical walk around the cranberry bog. Here is a picture of Paul just before we start our walk. We wear a face mask through the subdivision; we take it off once we get to the bog since there is no one else there.

Paul before our bog walk

The grasses in our 'oval garden' (former shade garden but now getting more sun) are looking nice.

Our oval garden

There was some fog over the bog this morning.

The cranberry bog

Updated November 2020