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Christmas 2007 at home

Welcome to 2008. I put a few pictures from the last part of 2007 up already, and now it's time to fill out last year with some pictures from the holiday season.

We like to make the house look festive, without going overboard. (Paul might not entirely agree with Anne on the last part of that sentance.) We put out the Christmas placemats and the Waechtersbach Christmas Tree dish set out on the table.

We also have a few other decorations out and about: Stockings by the woodstove (which we don't usually light; no fire hazard). Some Christmas figurines - I'm particularly fond of the Ace Hardware Santa (I can just see Paul in a number of years looking like that). My knitting in a Christmas bag. Christmas pillows. Windowsill decorations. And don't forget our miniature Christmas trees. We have a few other decorations splashed about the house, like my Smiley Face Pot Holders in the kitchen.

On a side note, we had Ted & Chuchang for Christmas this year. I'll share with you the shirts that I made for them. Yes, you will notice each has a theme.

Not much else to say on the home front at this point. So let's move on to Christmas with both sides of the family.


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