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Around Rock Village, 2021 Part 2

Good morning! Hopefully that is what it was for this wild turkey, who was perched on our (2nd story) deck one morning.

Wild turkey perched on the railing of a deck

Another somewhat entertaining photograph is this 'volunteer' Foxglove plant, that grew under the deck and through the stairs.

Floxglove growing between steps

Another volunteer foxglove was in a more appropriate spot, and both were very pretty.

close-up of a foxglove plant

During June, the Oval Garden filled out a lot. (You can see early-season pictures of it back on page 1.) Here are a few pictures of it.

Oval Garden from ground level

Close-up of Russian Sage plants

Oval Garden from an elevated position

In July, the plants designed to attract bees and butterflies were doing their job. These are Baneberry (which technically is a shade plant but does well in one spot of the garden) and Cone Flowers.

Bee with large pollen ball

An insect collecting nectar on a Baneberry flower

Baneberry flower

spent Conflower

Bumblebee on a coneflower

small bee on a coneflower


Our vegetable garden is also doing well. We have some pictures of our harvest, each picture taken on a different date.

link to pictures

Updated July 2021