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Spring / Easter Gathering

We had our Spring / Easter gathering in Maine on Mom's birthday!  Unfortunately, I did not take a lot of pictures, but I want to share some that I did take. 

This would have been Gerry's 90th birthday celebration, in addition to Anne's 50th birthday celebration.  So last year, she had decided to get a special cake for the occasion.  Even though Gerry died last Autumn, she decided to go ahead with the plan in honor of the occasion.   You might remember that the Monet painting, "Garden at Sainte-Adresse", was a favorite of Gerry's. 

It is a fabulous painting.  We get our (dairy free and vegan) cakes from Kristi at Ahimsa Custom Cakes.  (Mom was Kristi's first customer!)  The challenge that I gave to Kristi was to decorate a cake that evoked Monet's painting ... in frosting, of course.  Here is the result:

We were, of course, thrilled with the cake!  We carefully cut the top off so Mom could take it back with her, before eating the cake itself.  ('Tuxedo' flavor, one level of vanilla and one level of chocolate.) 

Here is Paul talking to Mom, Corinne taking a picture, and Nicki and Emily examining some items Mom brought. 

Jeremy, Keagan, and Ann:

Jeremy & Keagan, continuing to work on some foam airplanes.  (I am happy to report that no items in the house were damaged despite our attempts at throwing planes and tissue-paper balls around.)

The table, before we got BBQ and salad crumbs all over it:

Keagan brought his guitar.  Here is Jimmy checking it out and tuning it.  Not exactly the correct size for Jimmy. 

Keagan played some for us, both classical and rock! 

Jimmy actually made an electric guitar recently! 

We had a very nice day. 

Updated July 2020