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First half of 2007

Things continue as usual on the home front. We have a few pictures to share, some from home and some from Anne's visit to Maine in the Spring.

First a disclaimer on this next picture: ignore how I look. If I had any sense, I'd crop the picture below my head. But I don't. Our cat, Cam, loves to get on my lap, particularly after meals. So I put Cam on my lap, and he blances while I lift myself up & sit cross-legged in the chair. It is rather entertaining.

Paul made me a new surface for my sewing table. I use an old table, the type that has a built-in machine that flips up. When I got my fancy new sewing machine last fall, I outgrew the table. So my wonderful husband made me a new surface. Over to the right is a filing cabinet, so Paul put a folding end so when needed we can completely open those drawers. And he made all the edges smooth so my fabric wouldn't catch. Here is the table, with my new sewing machine and my serger on top (and some fabric in the bins beneath to the left).

In the spring I went up to visit with Mom & Gerry. We had a very nice weekend, with the weather co-operating! Here are a few pictures. In the first, we went to Uncle Moes. I, of course, got blueberry crepes. The other two were taken at Tim Hortons.

We found some very unusual prints in the snow this year. And Paul saw the animal that made the prints. When coming back up from the barn, he saw a deer hop away. Not bound or leap, but hop. Another time he got a better look, and it looked like one leg was missing. Well, here are the prints from the 3-legged deer. It was around for a while, so it seems to have at least survived the winter. Of course we haven't seen it lately (we rarely see deer this time of year), so we don't know if it is still around.

And finally we would like to share some pictures for the Trillium flowers that we have around the house. These are a spring flower. Both the leaves and the flowers have 3 petals (hence the name). And they are a shade flower. We have some white ones in the front, by the steps. Around the side, we have some red Trillium. They have really established themselves in this little spot, which is on the north side of the house.

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