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Christmas 2006

We are lucky enough to have a spread-out Christmas celebration, seeing Paul's family the weekend before Christmas and Anne's family the weekend after Christmas.

Christmas in Connecticut

Here is the Christmas scene at Mom's house, with Cam checking things out:

Anne and Cam at Christmas

And here is what Cam likes to do most: sleep

Anne with Cam at Christmas

Christmas Eve is the big night here, at least for gift opening. Some pictures prior to starting:

Christmas Eve in CT

In front of the tree

Christmas on the sofa

Mom and Debi


Fallyn and Pat

We pick names for gift giving. This keeps things a little more streamlined. (Hard to believe we got everything done back when the grandchildren were smaller.)

Mom was the 1st to open her gifts. (We went in random order.)

Mom opening gift

Fallyn and Mom

Mom and Debi

Those might look like just ordinary suitcases, but they were actually part of a larger plan. Laura and Mark gave her a trip to Vermont with them. You also see Fallyn helping Grandma get organized, and a holiday fashion statement with the new scarf.

Here is Ron, with his own fashion statement, and Jeff:


Jeff and Ron

We had picked Ron this year, and I felt that Paul had to give Ron a package to open, rather than just a gift certificate. So Paul spent a long time scouring the Sears tool department to come up with something that Ron probably wouldn't have. He finally came up with the perfect item - except it turns out Ron already had it!

Fallyn and Pat:

Fallyn opening gift

Pat with Fallyn reading card

gifts piled on Pat and Fallyn

Speaking of Pat, a slight side track: after we finished opening the gifts, Pat had shed his sweatshirt. So Paul decided to try it on for size:

Paul wearing Pats sweatshirt

Let's move to a ...

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