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BTHR 2016: Birds

Page 7:

We had some fabulous bird sightings during our vacation.  It is difficult to select which pictures to share.

We'll start with some gulls.  Of course, they are some of the first birds we saw on our vacation.  This little fellow is so cute, Anne wanted to take him home.

They can be beautiful flying.

In the fog:


A couple of birds stayed more in the distance, such as this Great Blue Heron and this Eagle.

A couple of Osprey, while not willing to get close, did stick around for a while. 

In the water, Mallards.

Common Eider


Redwing Blackbird, singing

We saw a few warblers, but only got a picture of this ADORABLE Common Yellowthroat.  We aren't birders, but can appreciate why people are.

Wait, you say ... that last picture wasn't a bird.  No, it is a seal.  On one of walks, we saw a seal and shortly after that we saw a loon.  The loon was kind enough to come fairly close, and to give himself a little wash. 

Have you ever really watched a bird taking off or landing on water?  We were fortunate enough to capture both of those in pictures on this trip. 

When taking off, you can see the spots on the water where the bird kicks the surface.

When landing, the bird dips into the water before bouncing back up.

A bonus take-off picture, on land.

Time to say goodnight to this page, and almost to this trip.  We just have a page with some of the more abstract or macro pictures left.


On to the last page ...


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