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BTHR 2016: Coastal Scenes

Page 6:

I let this languish last year, and decided I need to finish updating this trip report. 


All those lighthouses featured earlier are related to another item Maine has a lot of: coastline.  So of course we have a lot of pictures of coastal scenes.  A LOT of coastal scenes; it is hard to pick which ones to share.  One of the aspects of the Boothbay Harbor area that we really like is the coast, and the trails that give access to the coast.  Boothbay Region Land Trust has many nice trails available to visitors (& residents). 

At Oven Mouth Preserve, we saw a lobster boat making some rounds.

The birds were looking for any old bait tossed back into the water. 

Too small:


One spot (Dodge Point Preserve) includes a turtle pond, and it was loaded with turtles sunning themselves.  We counted 26 in total.  Paul had to venture into the woods a bit to get a good picture.  The turtles were actually difficult to spot initially; we likely would have walked by if someone hadn't mentioned to us that turtles were often in this pond. 

"Only" 16 of the turtles made it into this picture. 

Even in the fog, the scenery can be lovely, both in a marshy area

and by the ocean.

Paul took a few pictures like this one: Anne crouched down to take a picture of some small item.

Getting back to the ocean, here are a couple pictures of the coast.

We found the Southport Episcopalian Church.  While it has a small parking lot, many of the parishioners definitely come in by boat.

There are of course many boats in the area, which can make for some fun views.

(including related items)

Anne's favorite boat we saw; it was adorable!

On to birds ...


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