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BTHR 2016: Pemaquid

Page 4:

North of Boothbay is the famous Pemaquid.  Since Pemaquid is so photogenic, it gets its own page.  We were actually able to go into the museum at the lighthouse this year.  In the museum they have an example of a Fresnel lens.  They had a small wattage bulb inside, nothing like what would actually be used for the light, and even so it looked very large! 

For proof we were there, here is a picture of Paul.

And a picture of Anne.  (Just take our word for it; that is Anne.)

The rocks along the shore are very interesting.  (See the bird on the left for scale.) 

Here is the classic view of the lighthouse:

This next picture shows both 'sides' of the point, with different types of rocks:

From a slightly different angle, from that right side:

A close up of the bell:

A closer view of that Fresnel lens:


After debating which of the next two pictures to post, I decided that there was space to put both of them.


Hopefully you have had your fill of lighthouses, so it is time to move on to the botanical garden.



updated March 2017