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BTHR 2016: Lighthouses

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Boothbay Harbor is in Maine, and Maine means lighthouses.  The state government has a great interactive website that shows the locations of the major lighthouses.  Click on a dot and it tells you the name of that lighthouse.

This page was extremely difficult to keep a reasonable size, because of the quantity of lighthouses.  And of course who doesn't like a lighthouse picture?

The featured lighthouses are (links w/in this page):

In East Boothbay, at Ocean Point, is Rams Head Lighthouse.  As you might recall, the beginning of the week was very foggy.



A wider view of the scene, so you can see Green Island, in front of Ram Island and Fisherman Island (which look like one, but they are actually separate).

Here is a closer look at the right side of Green Island (from a different angle, so you see the lighthouse):

That is an Osprey nest and Osprey. 

The lighthouse makes a lovely sunset view.  This is from further on Ocean Point drive, looking back at the lighthouse.


Cuckolds lighthouse is at the tip of Southport.  Again, the foggy beginning of the week

is contrasted with the clear weather later in the week.

In case you don't remember from last year's report, there is a B&B on the island that you can stay at. 


Hendricks Lighthouse is also on Southport, on the Sheepscot River.  It is privately owned.  A view at high tide, in the fog:

Near sunset:

And an expansive view of the site at low tide:

You can also view Hendricks from the other side of the Shepscot river.  This is a community called Five Islands, on the next peninsula South.

There is a lobster store (Five Islands Lobster Company) right at the end of the road, literally.  And the view of the harbor area is very attractive. 


In Arrowsic (on the way to Five Islands), Anne had Paul drive down a long dirt road because she saw a lighthouse on the map.  We came to a dead end, but saw a trail.  Luckily a couple who lived in the area was walking their dog, and confirmed for us that the trail would bring us to the lighthouse:  Squirrel Point Lighthouse, on the Kennebec River.  We had a nice hike through the woods to get the lighthouse.  This is a wonderful little site because it is so up-close and personal.  It has been adopted by Citizens for Squirrel Point, and has had some initial restoration work that started shortly after we were there. 





When we were taking some pictures in the Boothbay Harbor area, Paul realized that in the background he could see another lighthouse.  It was Seguin Lighthouse.  That lighthouse is the highest in Main, perched high on the island.  Even though it is a long way off (it is the one you see from Popham Beach), it makes a guest appearance in some of our pictures. 


Since Pemaquid is so photogenic, it gets its own page. 


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