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BTHR 2016: Moods of Boothbay Harbor

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We had a little variety in the weather during our stay in Boothbay Harbor this year.  The beginning of the week was foggy, with a little rain, and then it cleared and became mild and sunny.  Here are some of the various moods of Boothbay Harbor.

On the look-out, staring out into the fog-bound harbor.


(Photo taken of a sculpture called "Penelope" by Dick Alden, while it was on exhibit at Studio 53 in Boothbay Harbor.  This artist also did the "Mother Earth" sculpture at the Maine Botanical Garden.  )









Low tide in the harbor.  You can just make out the sculpture garden on the left of this picture.


With the tide coming in (or it might have been going out; not really sure):



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updated March 2017