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Minnesota Vacation 2014

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After dropping Cristina off to ice her knee, Dad, Paul, and Anne went to Gooseberry State Park.  Unlike the previous park, this one is directly off of a highway and very popular.  Understandably so; it is very lovely with 3 tiered falls.

Dad and Anne checking out the map.

The trail we followed went directly under the bridge.  Paul had fun showing showing the supporting structure and explaining how it works.

We stopped briefly at Split Rock State Park on the way back.

Saturday was a driving day, and I don't seem to have a single picture from that day. 

Sunday was the start of the Family Reunion. This was at Pat and Steve's farm.  Here is a view with Paul, Mark, and Pat chatting.

Mary Pat and Bill doing some meal preparations.

Nancy and Becky in front of the organ.

I can't tell Iris and June apart; I expect Pat could tell.

Anne with Steve.

There was some soccer playing as well as watching (of the World Cup).

Steve doesn't have many animals now, since he is dealing with the cancer and treatment, but they do still have chickens, and very nice looking ones at that.

Dad, Jimmy, Nancy, Ann, and Matt

Not the best picture, but here is Doug, Katie, Nancy, Jon, Betsy, and Ann.  (My point & shoot camera doesn't always cooperate!)

Matt, Dad, Jimmy

The barn has been cleaned out; the tractor is still in it.

We walked over to the cemetery, mostly so Matt could take some pictures of the tombstones for the family tree.

Checking out the Christensen stone.

Some old equipment that was left on the Anderson farm.

Watching a soccer match


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