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Minnesota Vacation 2014

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A few of us went over to Ox Bow Farm.  Unfortunately my photo didn't come out great, but I want to share what a beautiful entryway the current owners have created.

The barns look much like they always have, although they now have metal siding.

I'm told this stall door has been secured by the same old screw driver since Grandma and Grandpa lived there.

We had the traditional 'check in' that evening.  Ted had arrived a bit earlier in the afternoon; here is a photo of the brothers.

And more of the group

This photo is a collection of people with events in June.  Of special note is Emily (somehow I don't have many photos of Emily!) who was graduated from College the previous day.

The following day we were back at the farm. 

Ted, Anne, Dad, Matt

Nancy and Becky led a walk around Madelia before the rain came in. We saw house #117, where my Dad and siblings (including Nancy) lived in their early youth.

Ted, Paul, Jimmy, Matt, Emily

Gram (Pearl) Hinchon's former house (44 1st Street, I believe)

The big 'white' house where Grandma and Grandpa lived for many years.  Definitely not white any more. 

Bridge was of course played, particularly by Emily.

Ted's knee, from it's serious break last Thanksgiving, is healing but you can see that it still has some swelling.  Ted has been assured that is okay. 

Mike made it.  Here is Anne's Dad and Mike.

In the newly cleaned-out barn there was a dance and karaoke party.  We didn't stay for the entire thing, since it was getting dark, with rain, and we had to drive back to Mankato.  But it was looking like fun!



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