Maine Vacation 2013

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A Visit to Maine

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From there we checked out Songo Lock, which was very quiet this time of year. It is fun to be able to check out the lock close-up.

From there we went to Sebago State Park. The park has a very nice beach (which of course was empty at this time).

It also has a playground area. Not having used a swing for years, I decided to try it out. And Paul decided to take a picture of me in motion. (That is a difficult task, of course.) The swing was very fun.

Some fall folliage:

We were also delighted to spend some time with Mom and Gerry, both before and after our day at Sebago. We went to Olin Art Museum at Bates College. They had 2 interesting displays. One was Japanese prints and 3-D art. The other was pictures from a Maine logging camp, circa 1960. Here is Gerry & Mom outside of the art museum, and Anne & Mom.

We visited Claire, Tony, and Babe for a bit as well. They are surprisingly far along in their moving-in efforts to their new place! Babe was, of course, gorgeous - and very interested in tackling a new toy.

And we went to Gritty's for lunch. It was a lovely, mild day and we were able to eat out on the deck. (Isn't my Mom beautiful? )

And finally, we took a few exterior photos of Nichols Street. There was even a 'heavenly blue' Morning Glory that posed for us. And Jenn had a VERY impressive pumpkin.


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