Sewing, Crochet, and Knitting

August 2014:

My most recent crochet project: a pullover summer top.

July 2014:

Anne has discovered a new hobby:  crochet.  I just learned this year, and am very enthusiastic about it.  Knitting is fine, but I find crochet more enjoyable.  So far I haven't been much for following patterns, and just make up my own thing.  The one item I did make from a pattern I didn't like and took apart.  However, I do intend to follow some patterns one of these days. 

My first big project was a full-size wool afghan.  It's primary purpose is to take naps on the sofa.  (Don't let anyone tell you that making things yourself is less expensive than buying them, by the way.  Well, sometimes it can be.) 

My most recent project is a shawlette to put around my shoulders in the summer if I feel chilly.  I wanted this to be light, so I used cotton and did some practice pieces to select a lacy stitch.

January 2014:

Button, button, who has the button?  Anne has the button.  I sorted, grouped, and bagged the buttons that Great Aunt Tina gave me (plus the few that I already had).  This took hours! But it will be worth it, since now I will be able to find a button when I need it.  A lot of these are onesy-twosy, but others are larger sets.


July 2013:

I took a break from sewing for a bit, and am now getting back in to it.  I made myself a wrap dress, with a bold fern leaf print.  It is very comfortable to wear.  (Click on the thumbnail for a larger version, which will open in a new window; CTRL-W will close that window and get you back here.)


April 2011:

Well, I'd forgotten about this page and let it languish. So, since I remembered it, I've decided to add a few additional pictures.

Here is a project I just made, a cardigan out of Malden Mills fleece. It has what they call a 'sweater look print' to it. I had a little extra fabric, so I made a skirt to go with it. Kind of silly, but very cozy and comfortable.

I just made some seasonal placemats as a house warming gift for Paul's recently married nephew and niece. They are revserible sets: each placemat has one season on one side, and another on the other side. (So a full year takes two sets of placemats.) It's a great idea, but no commercial market because no one would be willing to pay that much for them! Here is a picture.


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