What other websites do we think are interesting, useful, worthwhile, or just generally fun? Well, here some are, in no particular order. I'll skip the really obvious ones like Amazon & CNN.

Soup:  We love soup (both of us, but particularly Anne).  We tended to make the same soup all the time, so I decided that we needed a soup cookbook.  I looked at reviews, and then went to the library and checked out many cookbooks.  After pouring over them, I decided Saved By Soup was the one to get.  Well, that has definitely been proven out!  It is our most used cookbook. 

Comics:  If you want a little light entertainment, Go Comics is a nice site.  It has classics like Calvin and Hobbes, plus yet to be discovered gems like Widdershins (an on-going story; you need to start from the beginning to properly appreciate it.) 

Weather: NOAA is a great site for your local, or not so local, weather forecast. Another interesting and useful weather link is Intellicast Radar Loop. You can look at the entire country, or at subsections.

Games: My favorite on-line game site is Conceptis, which has many different logic-based puzzles.

Fabric: If you need some fabric for something, check out my list on Pattern Review.

Stars: No, not movie stars. Balls of fire. Or other astronomical objects. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has some spectacular pictures. You can also check out The Planetary Society.

Chocolate: Chocosphere has a great selection! Anne particularly recommend Amedei Chuao, Waialua Estate 70% Dark Bars, and Michel Cluizel Mangaro 65% Cacao Squares. Although if pressed she could recommend a few others as well.

Music: The Boston Symphony Orchestra website provides information on all of their performances, plus additional information.  WGBH Classical (formerly WCRB) broadcasts their Saturday night performances.

Books: provides reviews of fantasy genre books. This is a well organized site, and it is easy to find which books they like and which they weren't so keen on. From this site, Anne discovered my new favorite author & book, Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion. Highly recommended by Anne. Paul hasn't read it; it isn't a science book.

Health: Anne likes University of California at Berkely Wellness Letter. She used to get Nutrition Action (published by CSPI), but it got a bit repetative after a while.

Science: Science News magazine has a very good website, particularly for subscribers. We both recommend this magazine. It gives excellent summaries of current research. Scientific American is another good magazine.

News: Paul enjoys Real Clear Politics, which assembles news stories from different sources and viewpoints.  He also likes the Raw Story website for a slightly different take on the news. 

Technology: Paul also likes the Extreme Tech website. If you are interested in building your own PC, this is a must-stop.

Product Reviews: Anne likes Consumer Search for a quick summary of reviews. It isn't Consumer Reports, which is worth subscribing to for some big-ticket items. But she has gotten some good information from the Consumer Search website.


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Updated February 2018