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Cape Cod Visit (2016)

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For any readers that have not been to Cape Cod, you might have noticed something in these pictures ... sand.  There is a lot of sand on the Cape. 

If you access the link above, you can read that the vegetation which was severely impacted by the European settlers, is slowly coming back and stabilizing the sand.  It also looks lovely in the light of the setting sun.



And sand is not just along the beaches themselves.  There was a walk inland, and it provided some views of the sandy nature of Provincelands (what the tip of the Cape is called).  The first of these pictures is probably the truest in color.  Although it was January, the sun was very bright and the sand reflects it.

A couple sand close-ups, because Anne likes sand close-ups:

Proof we were there in January: some ice!  (Taken at Pilgrims Heights in Truro.)

Of course, in winter you do expect some plowing.  They kept this parking lot plowed.

And yes, that is sand that they had to plow.  If you still aren't convinced about the sand on Cape Cod, here is a picture of a sand dune cliff:

And now, the same picture with Anne in it to provide perspective:


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updated June 2016