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Boothbay Harbor 2015: The Shore (3 of 3)

The following day we headed North again, continuing on to Friendship.  We really liked Friendship.  We stopped in a little harbor on the way

and found this interesting skull fragment.  We aren't certain if that is right-side-up or up-side-down. 

Friendship is a busy little harbor town. 

At lunch we eavesdropped on an outdoor outfitting company doing a kayak training class.  It was very informative.  The key take-away: make certain your PFD (personal floatation device) is snug and won't ride up on your torso.  We then stopped at a dock to take some pictures, and spoke with a lobsterman there.  It was a very interesting conversation; he explained to us some of the features of a lobster trap. 

As a slight side-story, this past season at a symphony performance, a brother and sister sat behind us.  They are originally from Latvia, where the new BSO conductor Andris Nelsons is from.  So the siblings came down to see him conduct.  The woman lives in Friendship.  We mentioned this to the lobsterman, and he said she was probably the person who used to run a B&B downtown.  You can see the house in this next picture: On the right behind the gray house, it is a white building with an adjacent brown barn. 

Our lobsterman friend also said that this past winter was rough, and that they walked to the boats over the frozen bay water.  A deer must have gotten trapped; he found the skull this Spring.

Another stop was in Tenants Harbor.  Someone there seems to have a sense of humor (although I'm surprised this is allowed to be on a business sign).  Near as we can tell it was actually established in 1989, although I'm certain there was a pier here before that. 

Down the road from there is Marshall Point Lighthouse.  While not as impressive as the lighthouse at Pemequid, it is still a very nice spot.  It includes a memorial to commercial fisherman who have died at sea over the years.



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