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Boothbay Harbor 2015: Botanical Garden

One of the attractions in the Boothbay Harbor area is the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden.  They are open year-round, although the buildings are only open April through October.  We spent most of a day there.  Early May, in Maine, gives limited blossoms but some lovely ones.  (Unfortunately we were slightly too early for their Rhododendron Garden, which looked like it would be very nice.)


We restrained ourselves from picking any fiddleheads.

The gardens include a section for various plants, a nice walk through the woods that goes to a river, a waterfall, and some sculptures.  Here is Paul while we were walking one of the wood trails.

This sleeping Easter Island -esque sculpture was particularly appealing.

The Vayo Meditation Garden is very meditative early in the season, since there were not many people there as distractions.  Anne really liked the stone pathway, but the real center of this particular garden is the Great Basin.  In person, this really gives an impression of water, waves, and ripples.

Another section of this walk had a 'Fairy Garden', completely with its own Stonehenge.  They encourage visitors to make their own structures here, so it is an excellent spot for children.

Pinecones were common; some were larger than others.

One of the highlights during warmer weather is the waterfall.  We had some fun taking pictures of the moving water.  It can look like rippled glass or like mist.

Another section of the garden that is designed with children in mind is (with great clarity) called The Children's Garden.  The shed there has a fabulous roof.  And the garden has a few pumpkins in it no matter what time of year you visit.

I expect everyone will recognize Peter Rabbit's jacket. 

It is protecting some early growth.

The highlight of the visit for Anne was in the children's garden.  She was walking along and saw ...

Sal's Bear



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