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Liz's Baby Shower

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Donna, Diane and I went down to Sara Beth's (the one at the South end of Central Park).  We arrived slightly early, so we took a quick stroll into the park.

Then we had a brief moment to set the room up before the shower actually started.   The balloons and flowers really made it look lovely.

The infamous Blue Hydrangeas.

The star of the day, the glowing expectant mother (in stereo - someone else was taking her picture with their tablet):

Grandma Mastrangelo and Grandma Kaufman, with Mommie Liz between them.

We were well fed.  The theme was a tea party, and in addition to tea there were adorable (as well as delicious and plentiful) tea sandwiches.

We had the 'young and/or Australian' table.  (Three people at that table had lived in or were from Australia!)  From left to right in this next photo are:

Shane, who worked with Liz at the court house

Liz, the guest of honor

Lydia, a friend from law school

Carol, a long-time friend of Liz's

Katrina, a long-time friend of Liz's

Mrs. Coddington, Katrina's Mom, who is from Australia

Johanna (younger daughter of Janet McGuckian, Diane's long-time friend, who lived in the same area that Mrs. Coddington is from)

Caitlin (older daughter of Janet McGuckian, who also lived in Australia)

Michelle, who worked with Rich

You can also see some of the other food that was served.  I don't have a good picture of the "older person's table", since both Diane and I were at it, and my pictures are ones one or the other of us took.  But at that table were Jackie (Rich's mother), and Diane. 

Donna and I were at that table (shown here along with Diane). 

Also Rich's cousin Kerri (Judy's daughter-in-law), and Rich's Aunt Judy.  This next picture is an action shot.  Carol (standing) is giving Judy one of the prizes from the games that she (Carol) had organized.  (Kerri is to the left of Judy in the picture.)

There were  3 games.  The favorite was when Carol read a line from a nursery rhyme, and we had to write down the 1st line of each one.  Fairly difficult, although Diane was an ace at this!  Here we are being given instructions:

Listening intently to the instructions:

Here Carol and Katrina determine a winner.

Mother-to-be and Grandmother-to-be:

A couple more pictures from the shower, one just relaxing for a moment and one of a guessing game (identifying what baby item is in the bag).

No time to open any gifts at the shower, but here is a picture of the Sky-Blue-Pink Baby Blanket I made for Baby Mastrangelo.

After the shower, Donna and I walked back - lovely evening! - while Diane, Liz, and a couple others brought items back to Liz's place. 

I had a lovely visit, and it was a lovely shower. 

If you remember back to page 1, Paul was going to his Mom's to get some work done there for her.  This was highly successful!  Monday, after his successes there, he met me at the train station and we headed back home, driving past the famous pizzarias Pepe's and Sally's.  Some day we will have to try them.


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