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  The following day, we met our friend Lisa at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  There is a fair amount of construction there, but not to fear:

The Met is open!  Here is a slightly out of focus picture of Anne and Lisa in the lobby of the museum.  Notice the nice little entrance medallions we have; they museum is stopping their use after July 1st!  Also notice my fab Met Egyptian Nefer collar shirt. 

Our first stop was the roof garden exhibit.  This was a flat exhibit; we felt slightly bad walking on it but it is of course designed for that.  It was by an artist named Imran Qureshi, and was intricate floral designs based on historic Mughal miniatures, but in a blood red color to decry bombings in the streets.

Lisa, looking elegant as always, on the rooftop.

We covered a lot of ground in the museum.  We have discovered that it is better for our backs to spend a little time in a room, examine a few items in detail, and then move on to the next.  As part of the Italian Year of Culture, there is a great statue on loan to the Met called The Boxer At Rest.  The detail of this statue is very impressive. 

Of course we had to check out the detailed sarcophagus that is near-by.

One highlight of the day for Anne was to discover that Georgia O'Keeffe did much more than skulls and flowers.  (Okay, I did know that but it struck me this trip.)

Another interesting modernist work that we liked was "Meeting (The Three Graces)" by Manierre Dawson.  (Can 1912 be called modern?)

Another impressive item was an engraved rosary bead from around 1500.  Keep in mind that each half of this 'bead' is only about 2.5 inches across.

We had lunch at the cafeteria in the museum.

Towards the end of the day, they closed off the courtyard of the American Wing for an evening event.  It was fun to see the area with hardly anyone in it.

Last year we shared with you a picture of the young woman texting statue (last picture on that page).  To emphasize the point, we offer the following pictorial proof:

That evening, we all went out to supper. 

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published June 2013