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continued from Page One of our trip to Sebago & Lewiston:

Thursday was the Birthday Gathering. I saw Mom briefly in the morning. Jenn did some furious cooking over on Nichols Street. We then headed out to Sebago. Claire and Tony had already arrived ahead of us.

Jenn arrived shortly after. She had picked up Mrs Shapiro for the outing. Mrs Shapiro is 92 now. She declined a swim, saying that she tires a bit more easily now that she is in her 90s. Lizzie showed some of the wedding pictures.

Jenn and Regis did go in to the water.

It was another beautiful day to be on the deck.

Supper included famous red snapper hot dogs. (I probably shouldn't tell you this, but you can actually order these to be shipped any where in the US. I expect the shipping is slightly expensive, but for a festive occasion it might even be worth it!) Paul assisted Frank with the grilling.

A piece of Jenn's fabulous Blueberry Cake, and some Vanilla Frozen Custard.

After the meal, there was some gift opening by the birthday celebrants (Jenn and Regis, plus Tony from the week before.)

Paul and Anne, relaxing and watching the festivities:

When it came time for Claire and Tony to leave, Paul gave Tony the race-chair version of heading out to the van. (Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit here, but not as much as you might think!)

This next picture is slightly controversial. It is not a bad picture of Diane, although not the best. But she was wielding that fly swatter as a weapon, and not necessarily just against flies! (She was really all talk when it came down to it, but don't tell Jennifer.)

On Friday, while Paul did the other two windows, I went out to lunch with Mom and Gerry at Uncle Moes. The blueberry crepes were particularly good that day.

We then went to Olin Arts Center exhibit, Starstruck. It features astrophotography: photography of the stars, either from the ground or from space, or of the Earth from space. One of the first pictures seen is of the Andromeda Galaxy, a composite picture by Robert Gendler. (That link is a great version of the picture, but it might take a bit to download.)

Mom In Space (I'm in there also). This is the Leo Triplet by Warren Keller.

I wish she had on the website the caption that accompanied the display. "I desire to give my audience a piece of heaven to hand on their wall and enjoy for a lifetime. I strive to acquire the most interesting and artistically significant objects under the best sky conditions, and exhaustively process the resulting data to bring out its full potential. In the firmament are hidden countless gems. Only through astro-imaging with high-quality instruments can these treasures be revealed. It is my hope that by sharing them, citizens of the modern world will fall in love with them too, and take the urgent steps required to save them for future generations. The scourge of global Light Pollution is taking the night sky away from much of Planet Earth. Whether you believe in the Big Bang, the Big Guy or both, we are deeply enriched by an appreciation of heaven's wonders!"

For more information on light pollution, please visit the Dark Sky site.

After spending some time at the exhibit, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts before heading back to Nichols Street so that I could help Paul finish up the windows.

Unfortunately, I only have one not very good picture of Beau Beau.

We left for home on Saturday, stopping with Jenn at a large nursery to look at trees for her yard, and shrubs for ours.

Speaking of our yard, Mom wanted me to post up a picture of our little shade garden. Parts are a bit worse for wear after the hot summer, but over all it still looks nice.


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