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The Finger Lakes Pg 5

Continuing on in Watkins Glen State Park, we will start small

and then go larger. This is one of the most famous scenes in the park.

The walking path goes under the fall. Poor Paul had to stand under it while Anne took a picture of him.

There are also walks along the top of the gorge, which are nice walks through the woods. They also provide access to a couple look out points.

I was very fond of the image these 3 silos created.

Paul did some more abstract pictures as well.

It is amazing how the water has worn out the rocks.

In addition to the entrance, there were some other spots where the path was carved out of the rock.

And I did say we need more pictures of Paul so I'll add another one.

This really is a lovely gorge; I wish I could share even more of the pictures with you. But instead, let's move on to the Ithaca area.


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