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The Finger Lakes Pg 3

Vineyards are not the only agriculture around the area. Away from the lakes there is a fair amount of corn grown, and even near the lakes were other fields. Hay is one of the crops. In fact, we have bought hay from New York for Scout before.

This next picture is of a farm that is at the Southern end of the lake, in Watkins Glen. We can see it from the actual glen (of which there are pictures later).

This pretty scene was between lakes:

As we drove around the lake, we saw some signs warning us to watch for horse drawn carriages. There are some Amish and Mennonite families in the area. This farm with the inquisitive cows is one of them. The long white line behind them is covered hay.

On the East side of Lake Seneca is an abandoned military depot. This was fenced in over many years, and a recessive all-white gene of the White Tailed Deer herd became much more prevalent. We were thrilled when we saw some of the deer as we drove by the base! I snuck up to the fence & took pictures through the chain link. It turns out that they are not very shy. I ended up waving my arms to get them to look up.

Near there is Sampson State Park, which is the site of a former Navy training camp (they used the lake, which is deep) and then an Air Force base. There is a private military museum there, which was closed (it is run by volunteers on the weekends).

At the North end of the lake was yet another state park, conveniently called Seneca State Park. This was a pretty park, fairly empty in November. There is a marina there as well, one of a few we saw for the lake. This first picture is not overly picturesque, but it shows the steep cliff that edges the lake in spots.

This bench would look nice in our yard. (No, we didn't buy it. Not even sure if it was for sale, although this was in front of a store.)

There are definitely too many pictures of Anne on this report and not enough of Paul.


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