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Visit from Italy page 3

Outside of Trinity Church is a large plaza, with a pretty fountain in it. In front of the fountain is a Tortoise and Hare statue, dedicated to all the runners of the Boston Marathon. Across the street is the large Boston Public Library.

After lunch at Upper Crust Pizzeria, we walked down Newbury Street to the Converse Store so Francesco could check out their shoe offerings.

We took advantage of the T, and rode the subway back to Faneuil Hall. Near there are the horse carriages available to rent for tours.

One of the 'statue' actors was in the open area of Quincy Market. You can buy one of the blue pieces of paper for a dollar; it has a fortune or saying on it.

We briefly looked at a few of the shops in Quincy Market. There were two cute T-shirts that we want to share, particularly with Ted.

Near Faneuil Hall, continuing on the Freedom Trail, is an old cobblestone section. It includes an old house that John Hancock's brother lived in. (Click on the link to read the marker.) This little section is really very cute.

From there we went to the North End of Boston. Cute story: we stopped for coffee at Caffe Vittoria's. Francesco ordered an espresso; Paul and I ordered mocha (decaf for Anne!). Our Boston-born waitress had spent some time in Italy, and she and Francesco spoke in Italian for a minute. Then our waitress whisked off his tiny little cup of espresso and returned with a new version. The other one was, as Francesco put it, 'too high' - too diluted. You have to realize that there was probably all of 2 tablespoons of liquid in his little cup, while Paul and I had a mugs with frothed milk and coffee. (The mochas were excellent - not sweet like so many are.)

That evening, back home, we had a beer tasting with our homemade brews. This is out on our deck, in the screen house we put up every summer. We selected a Petite Saison D'Ete, Weizenbock, Belgian Dubbel, and a Black IPA. Francesco's favoriate, to his surprise, was the Weizenbock (a slightly dark wheat beer).


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