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New York City

We visited Diane and Frank recently in New York City. This was our 1st time there, and long overdue!

I woke up on the day we went down with a bad kink in my shoulder and neck; I could hardly turn my head. That didn't get in our way at all, though, and now (a week later) it is substantially better. That is really fast for something like this, in case you were wondering.

Their apartment is in a great location, with their building's open space out one window, and the adjacent building's open space out the other. So they are living in a forest in the middle of the city.

On Friday we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, walking through Central Park on the way. Here are Paul and Diane when we entered the park.

And here we are in front of the Reservoir, with it's fountain. There were many ducks in the water, although you can't see them in the picture. In fact, we heard a lot of birds in the park.

One last picture for this page: the reservoir and the tall building on the West side of the park.

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June 2011