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Happy New Years! Our Christmas Maine gathering was on New Years Day. Luckily, most of us went to bed in plenty of time to get enough sleep. Matt & Ann had a very nice tree set up. And I got to pet the pets some (I didn't quite get Barley in focus).

We were able to relax a bit before the big dinner. Jimmy played some guitar for us. Notice the wonderful acoustic guitar he is using. 30 year old cheap guitar, but hey - it works. Grandmaman certainly found it relaxing. I think I still have 'Carol of the Bells' in my head. (Actually, it's one of my favorites.)

Here are a couple pictures of my husband:

I think Nicki was contemplating all the packages under the tree.

We did the stocking stuffers and gifts after the meal. I don't have too many pictures, but a few to share.

Paul and Jeremy sampled Matt's favorite beer, Allagash Curieux. It got two thumbs up.

And finally, the group shot:

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