Beer Etc.

By 'popular demand', here is a picture of what I wore to the office the other day: stretch velvet (not sure on the fabric name, actually, believe it or not) skirt with the silk embroidered vest that Ted & Chuchang gave me for Christmas. I wore a thin sweater under it, and a knit top. It tends to be hot in my office, but it was a very cold day outside, so I wanted to have options.

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Here is the vest with the silk pants that they gave me. The pants don't make my rear end look as large as this picture implies. I turned too much in the picture. They are more flattering than this shows.

Being the expert brewers (well, ok, 'Brew Minors' as Paul puts it) we did a taste test of our 3 beers with Wendy and Brian, our friends from when we used to take riding lessons. Here is our set-up:

And here is the table with Wendy and Brian (sorry, not a very good picture of Wendy):

A close-up of the beers. From left to right they are the Bock Ale, Vanilla Porter, and Bavarian Hefeweizen.


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January 2010