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In the afternoon, a number of the group walked over to the far side of the fort ruins. Down a steep hill is a great swimming spot. There is plenty of rocky surface to sit on, and the entry into the water is not bad. I had to go back and get the camera, so I had a good angle down at everyone.

There was a small inlet that concentrated the wave power. Dan and Nicola particularly had fun with that.

Some of us didn't swim.

Some of the young men walked along the rocks; Pat & Matt (Donna's son) jumped into a deep section.

Meanwhile, the other swimmers were enjoying the water.

Some other pictures from down on the rocks:

Paul was animated telling a story to Giovanna.

Finally it was time to get out of the water (reluctantly)

Back at the main gathering, there was some serious ladder golf playing and observing

and general talking (and picture taking).

It was dark by the time we all left!


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