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Vermont Gathering

We attended the Manahan family reunion which was held in Vermont this year from August 16th to the 23rd. We stayed at the Winding Brook Lodge. And yes, there is a winding brook in back of the lodge. And a couple berry bushes were next to it.

The house itself was rambling - the type of house that kids love to explore (at least, I always did). Paul and I were in what they called the West Wing, which was actually on the south side of the building.

The weather the week we were there was HOT. Good thing the lodge had a swimming pool. It really made a huge difference. Did I mention that it was hot while we were there? There were a lot of card games during the week; you can see some evidence of them even by the swimming pool.

Marty had a spectacular animal figure collection. He knows them, also. I had to ask him one since we couldn't remember what it was: a juvenile tapir. (This picture is only a partial representation of his collection.)

We arrived on Sunday evening. Being relatively local, Paul and I made the 1st night's supper. The corn from our local farm was a hit! The next day we did tourist stuff. We went to the Cabot Cheese store. We were originally thinking that they actually made cheese here, but that is another location. There were lots of samples, though, and it was definitely worth the stop. Immediately next to it was a chocolate shop, where we bought a few samples. (My opinion: good, but not great. I didn't try the confections, such as chocolate covered cherries, which I expect were very good. I'm just talking about their straight dark chocolate.)

From there we went to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. This is, of course, a required stop when in the Waterbury area. The place was PACKED. The tour itself is a bit lame, although still interesting. The flavor being offered after the tour was Oatmeal Cookie. I wasn't expecting to think much of it, but it was excellent. They also had a sorbet available.

Next some of us wanted to go to a winery. Cori & family weren't particularly interested in that, so they went to Cold Hollow Cider Mill. Well, it turns out that the winery is an hour away, but they have a tasting room immediately adjascent to the cider mill. So some of us (Ted, Matt, Craig, Paul, & I) tried some Grand View Winery wines. They certainly aren't the dry reds that we usually drink. However, they did have some interesting flavors in the 6 we tried. The problem was that they put so little in our glasses, we were hardly able to taste the wine! I've never had a taste test with that little to taste. I probably would have bought one of the desert wines (that Strawberry Rhubarb might have a place with pie) but I decided not to with to little to go on. I did buy some maple butter at the cider mill though. That is great stuff and not particularly easy to find (without sugar or butter being added).

At this point it was early afternoon and we had not eaten lunch yet. We we went to downtown Stowe to grab a bite. The selection was Jamie's On Main, which had some good soup or sandwiches. Stowe is an artsy / touristy kind of place, and has some art work along the main street. There was also a bocce ball court. We didn't actually play, although a few practice shots were thrown.


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